Now Showing - An Anonymous Collection - One Week Only

Opening Reception - Saturday, December 13, 6-9pm

RUBY GREEN is showing an amazing collection of contemporary art by an anonymous Nashville collector. This a rare opportunity and we are grateful to our anonymous collector for sharing it. This exhibit features video, photography, sculpture, paintings, and mixed media.

Featuring works by:

Marina Abramovic, R. Crumb, Sam Dunson, Tom Birkner, Man Ray, Picasso, Nikki S. Lee, Chris Scarborough, Howard Finster, Robert Durham, Chris Eckert, Salvador Dali, Jon Kuhn, John Goleman, Johanne Corno, Harry Underwood, Raymond Pettibon, Cathy Begien, April Street, Stuart Semple, Chris Mars, Werner Wilder, Dogon, Sterling Strauser, Rusty Wolfe, Adam Normandin, Illes Laszlo, Kevin Titzer, Chelle Kurzrock, Kate Barrere, Jen DeNike, Chris Johanson, Raya Sorkine, Annie Leibovitz, Alice Wheeler, Orly Cogan, Herb Williams, Irene Ritter

Now Showing

October 18 - November 29

Southern Exposure

Opening Reception Saturday, October 18


southern 001.jpg

'Irving Fire' -Samantha Fields airbrush on paper 2008

southern 003.jpg

'Brush 6' -Alison Foshee inkjet print (study for glue sculpture)

southern 005.jpg'

'and through and through' -Mara Lonner mixed media 2008

Southern Exposure is a sampler of drawings by fifteen southern California artists. The curator, Mery Lynn McCorkle, is originally from Georgia and has observed the parallels between work executed in California and in the South. Both areas are extremely influenced by nature, its colors, textures and rhythms. This exhibit provides an opportunity for residents of Nashville to see preparatory sketches and studies as well as finished works by some of southern California's most interesting artists. The artists include Cherie Benner Davis (Solway-Jones Gallery), Tao Urban (Acuna-Hansen Gallery), Joe Biel (Acuna-Hansen Gallery), Timothy Nolan (Carl Berg Gallery), Thomas Muller (Haus Gallery), Nick Agid (Domestic Setting Gallery), Rebecca Niederlander (Carl Berg Gallery), Heather Brown, Mara Lonner, Alison Foshee (Carl Berg Gallery), Virginia Katz (Jancar Gallery), Andre Yi (Carl Berg Gallery), Samantha Fields (Kim Light Gallery), Roland Reiss, Dawn Arrowsmith (Tom Jancar Gallery)

Opening Reception Saturday, October 18