The Axe and the Spade - April 5 through May 17

Jonathan Bouknight, "T-Tower"

April 5th, Opening Reception 7-9
Member Preview 6-7

Artists Jonathan Bouknight, Adam Davis, and John Trobaugh take different approaches towards an exploration of the disconnect between idealized masculinities and the reality of human nature. Through the appropriation of gender signifiers and the creation of alternate spaces, these artists attempt to reshape the cultural context in which they exist. The artworks are intended catalyst for a change in perception, imbued with the artists' own yearning and discontent with waiting.

The title “The Axe & The Spade” originates from a test done to young children by some Native American Indian tribes to determine the role of the child in the tribe: as a male, female, or a third gender (often called a “Two-Spirit” or “Berdache”). The child was tested to see if they preferred the man's tools, the bow and arrow, or the woman's tools, the axe and the spade.

Adam Davis, "Just Another Dear John Letter"